5 Body parts women notice in men straight away

By: May Rostom

Guys might think that women only pay attention to the car they’re driving or the Burberry shirt they’re wearing, but that isn’t 100% true most of the time. Girls are very complicated creatures that have an eye for detail, and that being said, TRUST ME when I tell you we spot every little detail in your outward appearance the minute you walk into a room. From your shoes brand to the color of your boxers, here are 5 things we look at that you don’t know about:

1. Your teeth! We can’t help but focus on how yellow your teeth are when you’re smiling at us from across a room. A little tooth whitening toothpaste will help with tooth stain removal. If you have bad mouth odor, seeing a dentist is essential. On your next visit to the pharmacy make sure you pick up floss, teeth whitening tooth paste, and a minty mouth wash! There’s nothing sexier than a man with a gorgeous, minty smile.

2. Your nails. Ok guys, we’re not expecting you to go for manis and pedis, we know how homophobic this can get for you, but at least do the job right at home. The best time to trim/ cut your nails is right after your shower. Cut your nails using a straight edge clipper and if needed, get an emery board at your local pharmacy and file the ragged edges. With time you’ll get used to it and we’ll definitely notice it.

3. Feet, feet, feet. Whether it’s your heels, nails, or just the smell, feet are the first thing we look at when you’re in flip flops. No girl likes a man with smelly feet or shoes, and if you think we won’t notice that once you take off your shoes, you’re dead wrong. If you think you might have a foot- odor problem, consult a dermatologist or grab any OTC drug or powder for smelly feet. Again with your nails, cut them right after your shower, and it won’t hurt if you used a foot scraper for your heels as you showered. We go through hell to look pretty for you, we don’t expect you to book a Brazilian wax every week, but c’mon you don’t have to gross us out with stinky feet.

4. Facial hair. And by facial hair I’m not talking the usual beard/ mustache that some girls like and others hate. I’m talking the facial hair we all hate; unibrows and nose hairs. As gayish as this might sound but plucking a few hairs from your unibrow in the middle (and only the middle) will help pretty up that face. If you’re worried you’re going to pluck too much, ask your barber to do it for you. When it comes to nose/ ear hair there’s only one rule: anything coming out of a hole should be plucked. They’re called nose hairs; make sure they stay IN your nose.

5. Your back. As sexy as your abs may seem and as hard as it is to get those 6 packs at the gym, the minute you turn around we take a long hard look at your back. What we’re hoping to see there are muscles, no hair or just a few, and soft shiny skin. If you have tinea or other skin diseases from the hot summer sun, make sure you treat them before you turn your back to us.

Even if you didn’t do any of what I just told you up there, we’ll still love you just as much, but just remember women spend HOURS at the hair dresser fixing themselves up for you, spend HOURS shopping for nice clothes to look nice for you, and HOURS to lotion themselves up to give YOU a soft touch, wouldn’t it be nice if you could return the favor?