5 Reasons to online date

By: Alexis Wolfer
We know, we know… you’re single and getting slack from loved ones who, of course, only want the best for you. They’re concerned about your one-too-many-nights spent couch-bound watching The Bachelor and ordering in Chinese food. Okay, so perhaps we just revealed considerably more about ourselves than we’d like to admit! Regardless, it seems like everyone and her Grandmother (literally) is concerned about your “single” status (and it doesn’t help that most social media sites have it listed front and center). And in this “era of technology” (as anyone too old to be listening to about dating advice seems to call it), it seems as if online dating is the only way to go – or perhaps just the last resort for those of us for whom college produced no suitable contenders – (no matter how uncomfortable it may make you or how many Law & Order SVU episodes you’ve seen that end with blind dates ending badly. Really badly).
The bottom line, though, is that online dating is the way to go. Just not for the reasons you (or your pushy parents) likely think. Sure, the potential to meet a mate is there, but, if you (like many of us!) are blissfully single (or just not ready to look for love on the internet quite yet), online dating is still for you according to Stephanie Florman, Relationship Coach and Advice Expert for Master Matchmakers, the company behind VH1’s Tough Love Series. In fact, even all of you actively avoiding relationships can sign up for online dating in order to have a healthy and happy relationship with yourself!
5 Reasons To Online Date For A Better Relationship With Yourself
Flatter Yourself. What better way to boost your confidence than to write down all your best assets! In your bio, write down who you are and what makes you attractive. The more detailed (albeit concise) it is, the better – not only for attracting others, but also for attracting yourself!
Learn About Yourself. Online dating gives you the opportunity to answer difficult questions about yourself and your past, questions you may not be prepared to answer. We all have a past. We’ve all made choices we’re not proud of. The goal is to turn negatives into positives. Focus on what your tough times have taught you and how they have made you a better person.
Highlight Your Insecurities (And Turn Them Around!). Online dating shines a bright light on your insecurities, helping you to quickly identify areas of your life that need improvement. Maybe you’re unwilling to share your income level because you’re embarrassed about your finances. Use these insecurities as opportunities to make positive changes in your life.
Sharpen Your Intuition. You can learn a lot about a person by being observant and listening. Maybe you find that you feel rushed, pressured or drained when you talk with someone. Maybe you find that you feel relaxed with someone else. Notice how you feel and trust it.
Be A Better Dater. If or when you do want to take your dating life (with others and not just yourself) to the next level (online or not), you’ll not only be your best self, but also be prepared for all the ups and downs of dating in the real and cyber world.
Remember, keep safety in mind! Do not share personal information (especially your last name or home address), use a free email account with only your first name, use a cell phone to chat, meet in a public place and tell a close friend or family member your plans. Most importantly, trust your gut instincts. (Now, what were we saying about Law & Order SVU…?)