8 Points That You Need To Kept In Mind While Showering With Your Girl

Many of us want to shower with our better halves. It is a great time for reconnecting, having a wild talk, or an innocent one, having fun, etc. But at the same time, you need to be extra-cautious while showering as it is all wet and soapy. At times, it risks our lives. How will you feel when too many clothes are kept in a single suitcase? Same way, you will feel when your body is showing with another one. Here are some points need to be kept in mind while showering together.

Hot Shower

Who do not wants to have a nice warm shower? I think you love it. Even, I do. But, that may not work for both of you as it has to be moved on, not keeping in a particular position only.

Avoid Pressing Against The Wall

Well, all must have watched bath scenes in the movies wherein a guy picks up the girl and forces her to put her against the shower wall. It is really $exy. But, avoid applying it in real life as it can hurt you. You must be of the thought that the wall of a hot shower is warm, but you are mistaken, it is not, it would be freezing.

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