Body language speaks more truth than words

By: Dr Aqsa Kamal

Word may be the best way to express things, but things themselves are truly expressed by the expressions and there is no expression more authentic than the expression of body.
Body language is very vast. What we truly feel is genuinely expressed by our body language. Words may lie to you sometimes but body language will not only ever lie to you but also will reveal true feelings to you.
Here are some body postures and their meanings according to many psychological studies body languages.

1: Gesture: crossed legs, sitting with hands clasped behind head  meaning: Confidence, faith in oneself

2: Gesture: Tapping fingers or feet meaning: restlessness, Impatience
3: Gesture: fast tilted head meaning: curiosity, Interest

4: Gesture: hands in pockets, arched – humped or hunched shoulders  meaning: dispirited, sad.

5: Gesture: active straight walk meaning: Confidence

6: Gesture: Arms crossed on chest meaning: uncomfortable

7: Gesture: nail biting meaning: insecurity

8: Gesture: Head resting on hand, eyes downwards meaning: Boredom, weariness

9: Gesture: Open palm meaning: honesty, openness

10: Gesture: Pulling ear or tugging ear meaning: Indecision, hesitancy

Source: msn arabia