Brownie Flan

Brownie Flan

Ingredients for base

  • Butter 4 ounce
  • Caster sugar 2 ounce
  • Flour 8 ounce
  • Egg yolk 1
  • Chilled water as required

Method for base

  • Beat butter and caster sugar together till creamy add in flour mix till it resembles bread crumbs, knead with chilled water, spread in a 8 inch pie plate, prick with fork, bake in a preheated oven for 20 minutes on 180 degree C.

Ingredients for brownie

  • Butter 6 ounces
  • Chocolate 200 gm
  • Eggs 3
  • Vanilla 1 tsp
  • Flour 1 cup
  • Chocolate chip 1 cup
  • Sugar 1 ¼ cup


  • In a sauce pan add cooking chocolate, butter, melt till butter and chocolate melts, remove in a bowl add in caster sugar, mix, gradually start adding in eggs 1 at a time beating well, add vanilla essence, pinch of salt and flour, fold well, also add chocolate chips, pour on the base and top with few chocolate chips, bake in a preheated oven for 40 minutes until set, remove, cool, dust with icing sugar, cut into wedges and serve.

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