A Challenge to listen to your heart

Take a moment to sit back, relax, and envision your perfect day.

Are you all alone, with friends, or maybe a lover? Is the setting a serene ocean scenery or in the heart of a bustling city? What kind of things are you doing—writing poetry, working in your home office, traveling?

Remove any fears or worries from the scene, and don’t steer yourself away from an idea because your mind deems it impossible. Now write down this vision and post it somewhere to keep as a reminder.

This little exercise started a momentum of change for me. Though the words seemed to flow seamlessly from pen to paper, the end result was astonishing because of how different it was from how I was living my life at that time.

I was working at another dead end job, in a city that no longer made me feel alive. However, my writing spoke of a life that made me feel whole. I was happily living with my significant other in a seaside town in Spain. During the day I was working from my home office on various writing projects and my time in the evening was spent walking along the beach taking in the beautiful scenery. All of this sparked something in me and led to a realization that my heart longed for something much more—and so began the challenge of listening my heart.

The Challenge Of Listening To Your Heart

You see, the heart is wild and free running on love, while the head is analytical, and many times driven by fear. Not to say you should ignore everything your head has to say, but when you’re digging deep down in the depths of your being trying to discover what it is you truly desire, the mind seems to chatter incessantly with negativity. It may bring you feelings of confusion, anxiety, self-doubt, and all those other feelings that like to get in the way when you are embarking on a new, challenging journey. There are times when you’ll look back at the life you’ve crafted on that sheet of paper (or saved document) and laugh. Laugh because you’ll think it’s impossible, or even silly. But when you’re ready to follow your hearts calling you must learn to let go of these thoughts and feelings and recognize that is exactly what they are—just thoughts and feelings, not concrete facts.

This is a process that involves strength and courage. Your expectations will be challenged and you will need to take risks. You may be stunned, as I was, at how different you see life for yourself once you start asking questions. If that is the case then it is probably time to listen to what your heart has to say anyway.

Asking the hard-hitting questions about what you truly want from life can stir things up. But the best thing about doing all of this is that once you start, the things that don’t resonate with your hearts calling seem to slowly fade away. The people, places, and activities that you may have associated yourself with or participated in are no longer masked as necessary and you’ll be able to see more clearly how some may not fit into your bigger picture. All of this leading you one step closer to living in alignment with your hearts true calling.

The Next Step

Whether you’re at work, having your breakfast, or just thought you’d get a little reading in for the day, I hope that I’ve caused you to stop and think. I hope you feel a little differently, and that you have a slight tingle in your heart asking for your attention almost as if to say, “Listen up!” This may not have answered all your questions, or given you a step-by-step guide on how to listen to your heart but that was never my intention. My intention was to spark change. Only you will know the next steps to take. Only you will be able to answer those questions about where it is you’re headed next.

So, are you up for the challenge?