Filmistaan Review

Director : Nitin Kakkar

Star Cast : Sharib Hashmi, Innamulhaq, Kumud Mishra, Gopal Datt, Saroj Sharma, Ravi Bhushan, Waseem Khan

Rating : 2/5

One Line Review: Yet another Indo-Pak peace trash from politically correct Bollywood, set in the backdrop of a common passion for filmmaking on both the sides.

Positive Points: Certain comic scenes here and there; Innamulhaq’s raw and impressive performance.

Negative Point: The same old plot of Indo-Pak peace; unrealistic sequences in the film; mediocre performance by the protagonist.

Plot: Sunny Arora (Sharib Hashmi) is an assistant director, whose ambition is to become a popular film star in the industry. One day, when he is traveling in the remote areas of Rajasthan with American media crew, he is abducted by Islamic terrorists and then sent to Pakistan across the border.

He is locked down in a village home where Mehmood (Kumud Mishra) and Jawwad (Gopal Datt) are keeping a strong watch on him. He tries to escape, but is re-captured. Subsequently he meets Aftaab (Innamulhaq), who is a pirated DVD seller and a local, interested in filmmaking. Soon, Sunny’s profession and Aftaab’s love for films and filmmaking, create a mutual acquaintance.

Sunny and Aftab often share their experiences and thus become friends. While Aftaab shares his experiences, Sunny entertains the village kids with his mimicry and antics. However, no matter how much at home he is made to feel, he still wants to go back.

Now Aftaab, decides to help him get back to India since he is well acquainted with the borders.

Direction And Other Technical Aspects: The direction was good enough for the movie given its theme and genre. Nitin Kakkar has done a decent job in his debut while setting up the scenes and the sequences of the incidents that take place with the protagonist.

However, there are certain anomalies with the plot, such as when the captors go too soft on the Indian captive when he gets well too ahead of his expected behavior.

Performances: The protagonist played by Sharib Hashmi is shown too enthusiastic and bubbly, which doesn’t make sense. A person who is captured is expected to show stress and fear, but the protagonist is all cool and non-chalant.

Kumud Mishra and Gopal Datt have performed the role of Islamic extremists really well, with the characteristic calm, indifference and strength while at the same time, ready to kill when it calls for.

Innamulhaq’s performance is the most impressive with his punch lines and sarcastic humor scattered in the film. Also, his character as a very excited and enthusiastic young man willing to learn filming is very accurate.

Music: ‘Udaari’ and ‘Uljhi’ are short, but are pleasant to listen. ‘Bhugol’ has got that essence of Sufi music that works well for the film. This is Arijit Dutta’s debut in Bollywood and he has done well in the film.

Final Verdict: ‘Filmistaan’ is clearly a one-time watch, with nothing much to offer but the same Indo-Pak peace propaganda, with the only major difference being here that they have brought in a completely different plot. You may like the film for that little bit of comedy, but don’t expect too much.

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