The first Halal nail polish launched just in time for Ramadan

halal nail polish


By: May Rostom

During the past year we’ve come across several brands producing “breathable nail polish” which permeates water and makes it possible for the Muslim woman to wear nail polish without worrying too much about removing it before Wudhuu. However, after many reviews, youtube videos, and at home experiments, a lot of people begged to differ. The most famous one that was sold out months in advance and flew off the shelves for being the first breathable nail polish produced by a famous Polish country, was proven to be impermeable to water and hence, just like regular nail polish, a disappointment to Muslim women.

BCI Group, the main sponsors of Beauty World Middle East 2014, introduced the first Halal Certified nail polish in the Middle East. The founder of BCI Group, Kawthar Makahlah Al Shamsi, said “We are extremely pleased with this new launch in the UAE, at the largest international trade fair for beauty products. We see this opportunity as a platform to showcase our innovative brands as well engage ourselves with people from our industry. The Emirati nail polish will now add a touch of vibrance to the routine manicure of women, which can stay for as long as they want.”

Just in time for Ramadan, BCI Group launched “H”, the first and only certified nail polish collection in the Middle East.

Currently available in a 14ml bottle for only 60 AED in white, black, red, blue, nude and gold, ‘H’ by BCI group promises to add a wide range of classic and unique shades each season.