Foot Pain Relieving Exercises: Get Back In Heels In No Time

If Black Friday shopping or holiday cooking has left your feet aching, it’s not just your soles that are suffering. Rather, when our feet are sore, it affects how we carry the rest of our bodies, preventing us from feeling and functioning at our best. Thankfully, though, we’re here to help you get back to strutting your stuff in your sky-high heels in no time. Just tune up your toes with this foot-fixing fitness routine from Jill Miller, the creative force behind Yoga Tune Up!, to relieve aches and pains, eliminate stress and relax your precious tootsies.

Tune Your Toes

Place a pair of Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls or tennis balls near a wall. Place the center of the insteps of both your feet on the balls, heels remain on the floor.

Keep one hand near the wall for balance or, better yet, stand tall (as if the balls weren’t underfoot) and improve your core strength by holding good posture! Begin to roll the feet from side-to side so that the balls scrub across the plantar fascia of the feet. Move the ball an inch towards the toes, and practice the same move. Notice how it feels a bit different?

Keeping the left foot still, press the right foot firmly into the ball to “squish” it a bit before rolling the foot up and down from toe to heel 8-10 times. Then switch feet.

Finally anchor the ball in the left instep, place the bottom of the right foot on top of the left foot and use the bottom of the right foot to rub the top of your left foot as if you were trying to remove imaginary gum that was stuck all over the top of the left foot and bottom of the right foot. (Hint: you will feel a warm burning sensation underneath the skin of the stationary left foot). Switch feet

Source: the beauty bean