Galaxy S6 battery is removable, if you don’t mind getting a little screwy

Galaxy S6 battery is removable, if you don't mind getting a little screwy

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is powered by a non-removable battery, and anecdotally speaking some people are very unhappy about that.

Customization has always been one of Android’s strengths, and only those suckers with iPhones should be stuck with a non-swappable battery. Right?

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Good news: the Galaxy S6’s battery can definitely be removed – as long as you don’t mind taking a screwdriver to the next Samsung flagship and voiding your warranty.

The “hack” was discovered by users in the XDA developer forums, and – strangely – Samsung’s own user manual for the handset has instructions on how to do it.

But you probably shouldn’t

You’ll have to remove several screws from under the S6’s backplate, then take out the phone’s circuit board, to get to the battery.

The process is, at best, inadvisable, and it also voids your warranty. But hey – at least the option is (sort of?) there.

Unfortunately, there’s no hidden microSD card slot in there, so Galaxy S6 users will be stuck with the phone’s onboard storage even if they are able to remove its battery.

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