Heropanti Review

Director : Sabbir Khan

Star Cast : Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Sandeepa Dhar, Vikram Singh

Rating : 2/5

One Line Review: Old wine in new bottle love story, where the hero fights off rich powerful goon to get his love.

Positive Points: Fresh new face Tiger Shroff’s impressive performance; catchy romantic songs.

Negative Points: Same old plot of love story; too many loopholes in the plot.

Plot: Renu (Sandeepa Dhar), the daughter of a rich influential Haryanvi Jat landlord (Prakash Raj), elopes with her lover on her wedding night. His enrages him and he orders his men to hunt down his friends. They soon set off to Delhi where they catch and beat up all his friends. However, they also kidnap Babloo (Tiger Shroff), a very athletic, but smart and cocky young man.

Soon when he and his friends are captured, the Haryanvi goon threatens them to lock them up till they find their friend and his daughter with whom he has eloped. However, the hero also falls in love with a girl in that village, who actually happens to be Dimpy (Kriti Sanon), the goon’s second daughter. He doesn’t realize this, until one day the goon is furious and brings his daughter to identify which one of the boys really knows where their friend is hiding with the goon’s daughter.

Later they try to find his friend and the eloped daughter so that they can do their honor killing. However, Babloo is determined not only to save his friend and his love, but also to get his love, the daughter of the goon.

Direction And Other Technical Aspects: Sabbir Khan’s direction doesn’t give much value. It is almost the same as any of the Bollywood film of today. Even the action sequences are not that good. However, direction as well as cinematography are just decent enough to put the film through a smooth course.

Performances: Tiger Shroff, a new entrant performs unexpectedly well in his debut. He not only performs his action moves with great flexibility, but his dialogue delivery and acting are confident and well good enough to make an initial impression.

Prakash Raj as usual is the villain who is arrogant, angry and ruthless in his dealings with the protagonist.

Kriti Sanon, yet another debutant is just good enough for her first movie. Though her performance is no less than Tiger’s.

Music: The movie has a good number of catchy and tuney romantic songs. ‘Whistle Bajaa’ is one groovy love numbers in the movie that you will dance to. This one is creative with the tune of Jackie Shroff’s ‘Hero’. ‘Tere Bina’, ‘Rabba’ and ‘Raat Bhar’ are one of the deep romantic songs in the film that you will surely love.

Final verdict: ‘Heropanti’ is just like any average Bollywood love story where the hero fights the powerful goon and his men to get his love, but here the only difference being that he has to save his friend and also get his own love. Though you want find anything new in this film, it is the performances that you are going to find engaging, especially debutants Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon.

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