Improve Your Stability, Fitness and Power… With Jewelry?

When we first saw that some of the most fit professional athletes and celebrities were sporting new jewelry, we thought maybe they were just getting trendy on us. Then we heard there was a piece of jewelry that could increase athletic prowess, and, well, let’s just say we were practically sold before we even heard the details. Okay, okay… so it’s not exactly a Cartier watch we’re talking about it… It’s more of a “functional wristband,” as fitness trainer Eric Fleishman explains. That being said, if pro athletes and celebs are sporting it (and not just to be fashionable), maybe there is something to be said about a wristband designed to improve stability, balance and power.

Help balance your mind and body with food!

One thing we love about this technology there that is nothing to ingest or absorb into the body. There are no dangers associated with ingesting chemicals or supplements, no expiration dates and no having to repurchase products – adding up to a type of performance-enhancing substance we’re okay with!

In fact, quite a few gym-jewels, (as we’ll call them,) have been popping up in the market. Relying on holographic technology, which allows your body’s natural cellular communication to function more efficiently, these wristbands help to improve power, strength and endurance and can even help ease aches and pains.

Are these athletic talents due to the holographic technology alone? Probably not! Whether it’s a placebo effect or not, though, it nevertheless appears that the confidence (and maybe even the balance) gained by a gym-jewel (along with proper nutrition and a good training program, of course!) may help you reach your goals too – or at the very least may be a great holiday gift for the gym buff in your life!