iPhone 6 NFC payment platform could hog the spotlight in September

iPhone 6 NFC payment platform could hog the spotlight in September

It’s looking more and more like the iPhone 6 will be the first Apple phone to embrace the magic of near field communication.

The first evidence came in July, when images of an alleged iPhone 6 logic board surfaced, supposedly showing that the phone will have NFC.

Now sources have reportedly confirmed as much with Wired, going as far as claiming that NFC payments will be a flagship feature on the new iPhone.

When Apple unveils the iPhone 6 – which is all but confirmed to be taking place on September 9 – a new payment platform will feature heavily in its messaging, these sources said.

You’ll pay for this! With your iPhone 6

If so, Apple will have plenty of competition in the mobile wallet space – from Google Wallet to Square – but chances are it will steamroll them all by making NFC payments an integral part of the new iPhone.

Apple will have a massive install base already in place as troves of loyal fans swarm Apple Stores in September to buy the iPhone 6. And most of these users won’t even have to enter their credit card information to get started, since it’s already stored with their Apple ID accounts.

Luckily the new payment platform is rumored to feature a hardware-based “secure element” where sensitive information is stored. And don’t forget about the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint reader!

Between this report, the logic board photo, the several patents Apple has filed, and various other bits of evidence, it won’t be surprising at all if Tim Cook uses the iPhone 6 to buy a pocket protector and a pack of gum onstage when he introduces the new iPhone next month.

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