Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Review

Director : Arif Ali

Star Cast : Armaan Jain, Deeksha Seth, Rohini Hattangadi, Nikita Dutta, Akhil Iyer

Rating : 2/5

One Line Review: A 140-minute tiresome tale of late realizations.

Positive Points: It’s only because it is an A. R. Rahman musical that keeps you engaged throughout the show.

Negative Points: Amateur acting and engagement-busting humour would put you in irate.

Plot: Dinesh Nigam (Armaan Jain) a happy-go-lucky -20-year-old, who shares commendable camaraderie with college friend and Karishma Shetty (Deeksha Seth) are South Bombay college mates-cum-best-buddies. After consuming jars of beer at a bar, the group engages in a playact where Dinesh proposes to Karishma and invites everybody within earshot to their wedding. In order to escape Karishma’s impending arranged (forced) marriage, without even informing their parents, the two tie their lays and sets off to a journey to flee to Goa, a rescued puppy also to accompany them. A journey from Mumbai to Goa to Nagpur to Raipur, the couple sets themselves to an adventurous ride to explore horizons. On the voyage, the duo gets married but still all is not well. Things start getting serious and out of hand when their pockets start getting empty facing money scarcity, to add to the crisis, they land up at a menacing maoist-territory ruled by the Naxals. Both of them return home giving up on their relationship and also to continue their protective life at their respective homes. Parents of the lovers start shuttling from counsellors to lawyers approach the family court for an annulment of the marriage. Will they be able to get back together healing their bruised relationship forms the rest of the story.

Music: Being this an A. R. Rahman musical, the songs are really peppy and foot-tapping. Khalifa Khalifa is a sure-shot song to get into your chartbuster playlist. Maaloom is just an average song while Alaahda is heart-touching. Background music is just simply adrenaline pumping with the visual situations and may give you a good experience music being the spine of the movie.

Performances: On that front, Armaan was energetic but he needs to improve superlatively with regards to acting. Deeksha Seth is brilliant and beautiful both by looks and acting wise as well. Akhil Iyer was way far better than Armaan. Nikita Dutta was good in delivering her bit. The junior artists delivered their roles allotted perfectly. Kumud Mishra, Dinesh’s bureaucrat father is hilarious. Rahul Dev Shetty as the father of Karishma is partially good.

Direction and other technical aspects: The director Arif Ali’s story telling is pale and does not keep you enthralled throughout the show. Certain situation makes it evident that the writers have just tried to add up instances which was too sporadic less realistic only inflating running time. Cinematography by Laxman Utekar is good the frames are visually rich and eye-capturing. Visually, the film has some really attractive locations and it counts to the positive points of the movie.

Final Verdict: ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ delivers mediocre entertainment failing to deliver big promises.

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