Men: 5 exercises you can do in the shower

By Liz DiAlto

We’ve given you exercises to do in the car, workouts you can do in heels and fitness routines that will tone with nothing more than a towel. The bottom line is that we whole-heartedly believe that some exercise is better than no exercise and that there is always a way to fit in fitness, no matter how time-crunched and money-tight you may be. And we see no reason why your shower time can’t double as a fitness opportunity as well! So, if you’re approaching a packed day and know you won’t have any spare time, squeezing in these moves while you’re in the shower is a great solution!

The added bonus of exercise in the shower? You’ll automatically increase core engagement for stability since it can get kind of slippery in there.

Sculpt your legs with squats, kickbacks and calf raises…
Squat while you wash your hair or lather up—feet shoulder width apart, core pulled in tight, pelvis forward and glutes squeezed in tight to start. Break this position by sitting back into your glutes for a nice deep squat, (think about sitting on a chair) then actively contract the glutes on your way back up to starting position.

Do kickbacks while you let your conditioner soak in for the recommended 2-5 minutes. Lean into the wall and kick one leg up behind you, raising your heel towards the ceiling, focusing in on the glute of that leg (who needs the Brazilian Butt Life workout when you can get all these booty lifting moves from The Beauty Bean!?)

Do calf raises while shampooing, lathering up or washing your face. Just raise up onto your tippy toes and lower back down to a flat foot position.

Challenge your balance and engage your core…

Shave your legs without leaning your foot against the side of the shower. Who needs equipment? This is a workout by itself, just be careful with those blades!

Hit those chest, shoulder and back muscles with some push ups…

What a great way to rinse off your back! Drop it like it’s hot and do some push ups on your toes or knees! Feel uncomfortable on the floor of the shower? You can do these on the wall instead (just add extra reps since they’ll be easier up there).

Since all of these moves are designed for a time crunch, shoot for one set of each for as many reps as you can manage!

You now know that your shower can be a gym