Microsoft may drop Nokia and Windows Phone brands by Christmas

Microsoft may drop Nokia and Windows Phone brands by Christmas

Though it hasn’t been too long since Microsoft bought Nokia, it looks like the Redmond company might be dropping any references to Nokia starting from this Christmas.

In an internal document seen by the GeekOnGadgets website that apparently originates from Microsoft Mobile, which used to be Nokia’s devices and services division, a slide was found titled ‘Product naming’.

The slide states that “As part of our phased transition, we will drop the manufacturer name from product references during the Holiday campaign”.

The ‘manufacturer name’ refers to Nokia, with Lumia continuing as the brand. That means there won’t be any more Nokia Lumia-branded devices, but we may begin seeing Microsoft Lumia handsets instead.

Goodbye Windows Phone?

Elsewhere in the documents it looks like Microsoft will also be dropping the ‘Windows Phone’ name and logo, with future devices simply sporting the Windows logo.

This news ties in with new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s strategy of unifying Microsoft’s products and services around Windows.

It also gives credence to the rumours that Windows 9 will be a single operating system over smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs, which means there won’t be a separate Windows Phone 9 mobile operating system.

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