Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan to dress Rihanna


Pakistani fashion designer Ali Xeeshan is one of the very few designers who leaves the ramp with a lasting impression. Known for his theatrics and glamming up fashion shows with his creative ideas, he has become one of the most sought after designers that people look forward to in a fashion show. He’s been given many names, a showman, a craftsman, a magician with remarkable creativity, and now this darling of the design world is the new bad boy of fashion.

Now the news has arrived that famous Grammy award winner singer Rihannas’s stylist has approached Ali Xeeshan to make dress for her.


Ali Xeeshan has recently participated in a couple of international fashion shows and this might be the reason that he has been picked by Rihanna. Ali Xeeshan’s cheeky and high end eye-wear showcased at Fashion Parade London earlier this month was her favourite one.

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