Period Problems That Will Make Total Sense To Girls Everywhere

We know that feminine gender have to face lots of pain as compared to males and periods are the crucial time of a woman where she have to poop a good quantity of blood. In this span of time they easily get irritating over small issues. It is very much necessary to give some tips to girls, who are going to have her first periods. No doubt they need a healthy diet over this time because she needs to regain all its nutrition back. Some research shows that in periods the work efficiency of women get half due to work load and the pain which she get in this time. There are some good examples to this like a company’s head in Bristol adopted a new policy called period policy, in which any female employee can apply for the leave when she was suffering from periods. Next to this page we are sharing some lines given by some women’s about what they are feeling, when they are in huge pain of periods.

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