Real men in the gym

By: Khaled Dewan

Social networks are becoming more of a desperate for attention club, having nothing to do with getting social anymore, a “show off” war if you think of it.

Interestingly, the spot-light now is on fitness, and gym training in specific. The fitness industry brain washed us with trash information about building the perfect body through hiring guys who depend on chronic steroid injections to be your “fitness” role models, to impress you and to grab your attention. And if you argue that your fitness role model is natural, Testosterone injection is still “natural” according to their measures. As the word “natural” does not make any sense in the fitness industry, the word “fit” does not make any sense too. I will tell you why in a minute.

When I ask clients about what their goal is, they often tell me “I want to look fit”, okay, and what does that mean? I ask, they can barely answer. The answer is usually one of the following: either it is “I don’t want to look like Arnold”, or it is “I want to be slim fit” and I’m sure they mean getting 6 packs. What the hell does having 6 packs have to do with being “fit” anyway?! And what is the word “fit” does even mean?!

By the way, crossfit is a something else, don’t get confused, there are many respectable crossfitters out there who are strong and tough, and there are also much, much more wannabees in this field of training.

Many, many people show me photos of “fit” guys on their phones and they want to look like them, they either show me a photo of a skinny, winny, thinny, shit*y, fitty guy who weighs less than an ectomorphic, bulimic, mentally challenged ten-year old daughter or show me a photo of a steroid-freak who gains muscle mass by just looking at the dumbbell rack who can’t even jump over a credit card! Just because both have six packs, doesn’t mean they are athletic aka fit.

We are misled, please understand this! And fitness industry is making billions of dollars and you still can’t get significant training results.

This article is called “real men in the gym” and I want to take a moment with you to tell you why I’m writing this and what I hope you can understand.

Real men have well known traits based on experience and studies; they are dominant, confident, attractive, calm under-pressure, most likely to date hot women, lead groups, get what they want, achieve goals, get raises, make more money, and people strive to know them and stick to them. Real men have one thing in common they have “High Testosterone”, I pity guys who don’t know what testosterone is. Testosterone is the hormone that separates a man from a woman, period. And real alpha men, have plenty of testosterone floating around their blood and flesh aka muscles. Studies show that if you are not a natural born Alpha male, you can be one by following lifestyle strategies that puts you ahead of your community, and makes you a real man. One of them is getting BIG and STRONG!

If you want to be a big, alpha real man, I will tell you how by breaking some common myths in seconds, if you’re happy with being a follower, wannabee kind of male ,continue reading too, you may change your mind.

First, how to spot a wannabee male in the gym:

1- They want to be fit, and they don’t even know what that even means.
2- Their only goal is getting 6 packs, period.
3- They buy expensive, trendy, rainbow-flash-colored gym clothing to look attractive and then join aerobic classes, spinning classes, or dancing classes for any purpose.
4- They have “selfie” photos on Instagram with the hashtags #beastmode
5- They don’t train legs
6- They rub their forehead with their T-shirts as if they are sweating that hard, and walk blindly ,with their shirt over their head, throughout the gym for five or more minutes to make sure that even the old lady on the airbike see his abs
7- They go to the gym to make friends
8- They don’t want to look like Arnold. Although they look like JB.
9- They depend on body-weight exercises. They are afraid of gaining muscles. SURPRISINGLY!! Muscles don’t turn into fats after you stop training, you just continue eating crap and you put on fat, simple. BTW muscle tissue is one thing and fat tissue is COMPLETELY a different thing. Please understand.
10- They don’t train legs
11- They do TONS of cardio and Tons of ab crunches


1- They grow beards
2- They train with heavy weights, like seriously heavy weights.
3- They are big, strong, and muscular. People ask them for advice.
4- They habitually get out of their comfort zones, and challenge themselves in the gym. They use supersets, trisets, giant sets, drop sets, forced reps, and other training strategies to boost their testosterone levels.
5- They squat heavy, deadlift heavy, clean and jerk and snatch heavy, even when they do body-weight exercises; they add weights to their body.
6- They don’t talk much, they focus.
7- They are motivational and helpful, and avoid giving unnecessary advice.
8- They don’t spend too much time in the gym making friends.
9- They are NOT scared of getting big and lean at the same time.
10- They grow beards
11- They do lotsof sprinting, and Power jumps

To wrap up, if you want to be a real alpha male in the gym and
outside of it, follow the “real men in the gym” criteria and you will be one. If you are satisfied of whom you are right now, and feel that you have nothing to change, forget about it, but don’t complain about not seeing results from training or getting screwed up by your community later. And please use the word “Athletic” instead of “fit”, because “fit” means nothing!