Seven Diet Food For Pregnant Women

Healthy eating of pregnant


Pregnant women have difficulties finding food that does not discomfort them or that doesn’t add on those extra pounds. Picking a healthy diet when you’re pregnant can be one of the hardest things to do since food cravings and heart burn are common during pregnancy.  Here are 7 essentials that should be in every excepting mommy’s diet:

1.Calcium: pregnancy affects the bones of both the mother and child, that’s why 1000 mgs of calcium is recommended daily to protect your bones from osteoporosis. 1000 mgs of calcium can be found in 3 cups of yogurt or 3 tall glasses of milk. Other calcium rich foods include broccoli, collard greens, cheese, and oranges.

2.Iron: the number one essential for healthy blood. To avoid anemia without the negative side effects of iron supplements like constipation, eat a diet rich with whole grains, lean protein, and greens (bell peppers and liver chops especially).

3.Vitamin B: Folate helps prevent certain birth defects and helps improve your baby’s health in general. You need around 1000 mgs a day, these can be found in melons, oranges, whole grains, and strawberries. Consult your doctor on taking pre-natal vitamins.

4.Folic acid: folic acid contributes to the growth rate of your baby. Being an important vitamin like the Folate, make sure it is included in your pre-natal vitamins, they’re the most effective way to get the right amounts of vitamins almost immediately.

5.Protein: for growth of your baby and strengthening of your muscles, you need 75-100 grams daily which can be found in meat, nuts, and tofu.

6.Crave: feed your cravings. Don’t suppress the urge of eating a chocolate bar at 12 am. Eat all you want to eat but in small portions to maintain your physique and health.

7.Hydrate: to avoid pre-mature birth. drinking 8 glasses of water is essential to keep your body hydrated and ready to carry you and your baby. Pre-flavored water can also be used instead of energy drinks and sodas.