Six tips to get ride of hair fall


Around 6 in 10 persons are facing hair fall these days. Even youngsters are facing this problem. This is majorly the result of modern living.

Here are a few tips to prevent hair fall.

– Eat healthy. Do not consume tinned/ canned foods and drinks. Eat fresh fruits.

– Decrease unnecessary stress in life. Stress leads to increase in hairfall. Keep your mind cool.

– Wash hair with neutral pH shampoo, like Johnson Baby Shampoo. Don’t use harsh shampoos. Shampoo on alternate days.

– In the rainy season, apply conditioner on alternate days.

– Do not subject hair to excessive heat, for e.g., hot air blow drying, straightening with heating devices.

– Do not comb wet hair or tie it in a tight bun.

– Make sure you don’t have dandruff. Keep your scalp healthy.

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