TechRadar Deals: Best EE phone deals in June 2015

TechRadar Deals: Best EE phone deals in June 2015

best EE phone deals

EE is the fastest 4G network and for that reason many people want to switch to it.

But you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal when you do, right. So we’ve rounded up all of the best EE phone deals currently available, both direct from EE itself or from resellers who’ll subsidise the prices for you.

Here are the best EE phone deals arranged by phone…

ee phone deals

iPhone 6: EE deals

Still the best-selling phone in the world

It’s no surprise to find that the iPhone 6 has the same reassuringly expensive feel we’ve come to expect from Apple products, but it marks a real departure from the iPhone 5S in some respects. What’s more, it’s not as expensive as you might think it is. Here are the best EE phone deals for the iPhone 6:

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iPhone 6 Plus: EE deals

The super-size iPhone is a real superstar

If you want an iPhone on the EE network but you want something a little more exotic than the iPhone 6 – how about the iPhone 6 Plus? It’s quite a lot bigger, sitting firmly in ‘phablet’ territory – a cross between a phone and a tablet. It’s one of the best looking phones out there and it’s bigger screen makes all the difference.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 deals on EE

Samsung Galaxy S6: EE deals

For our money the best phone on the planet this year

The best phone out there right now, if you want our opinion, is the Samsung Galaxy S6. It offers a perfect balance of power, performance, elegance and price.

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HTC One M9 ee deals

HTC One M9: EE deals

The most premium-looking Android phone out there

OK so the HTC One M9 might not be quite as impressive as the M8 was last year. But it’s still a brilliant phone. Featuring a fabulous aluminium shell, it’s the most well-built phone on this page and features powerful innards and a great screen as well. If you can find a deal you like, you will be happy with this phone on EE!

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HTC One M8 ee deals

HTC One M8: EE deals

Last year’s HTC One phone is now a great deal

The HTC One M8 was last year’s best phone my a mile and so only one year on it’s still a brilliant handset. The M9 is only slightly better, so if you fancy the lusciousness of an HTC One mobile, you might find this one has the better EE phone deals.

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galaxy note 4 ee phone deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: EE deals

Samsung’s fabulous phablet is a brilliant option

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is a truly stunning phone. It’s got a big screen so it’s firmly in phablet territory but if that’s what you’re after, we’d recommend this over any other option. We’d even say it’s a better option than the iPhone 6 Plus, provided you’re not a dedicated iOS user.

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Samsung galaxy s5 deals

Samsung Galaxy S5: EE deals

Last year’s Samsung flagship is now a lot cheaper

One way to get the best phone deals is to go for one of the leading options from last year. Like the HTC One M8 above, this very much applies to the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is available on some great deals from EE.

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LG G4 deals

LG G4: EE deals

LG’s latest flagship smartphone has a leather back

LG has been making brilliant Android phones for a few years now and the LG G4 is certainly the best yet. The leather-clad rear is certainly its most striking feature but it also has a brilliant screen, an excellent camera and all the other things you’d want from a leading smartphone. And the best thing is that the EE phone deals on offer for this one are very fair indeed.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: EE deals

The most visually striking phone out there right now

This is essentially the same phone as the S6 near the top of the phone, but it’s got an amazing killer feature – a stunning screen that curves down on both sides. It’s mostly an aesthetic thing as it doesn’t offer much in terms of functionality. But if you want an amazing phone that looks amazing this is worth considering. But as you’ll see it’s a bit pricey even with these EE deals.

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iPhone 5S EE phone deals

iPhone 5S: EE deals

The best EE iPhone deals are on the 5s from last year

If you want an iPhone but don’t want to stretch to the cost of an iPhone 6 – check out the EE deals available below for the iPhone 5S. You’ll see it’s far cheaper and thus offers a lot more value for money.

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Moto G 4G LTE

Moto G 2014: EE deals

Consider what is possibly the best-value phone the world has ever seen

We’ll finish up with EE deals on the Moto G phone from 2014. It’s got a great screen, good power and the latest version of Android. But it’s also got the feature you want most – a killer price. Check out the EE deals below…

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