Vanessa Hudgens in Bongos – Photo Shoot

The folks over at Sears clearly think a lot of Vanessa Hudgens here, who like Sears also seems to think pretty highly of herself. I’m only surmising that based on the goings on in her latest line of Bongo fashions and how they’re supposedly Vanessa’s very own brainchild. Somehow I find that hard to believe. I suppose Vanessa could have sat down at at sewing machine, putting together yards of material to construct the prototypes that would later become these clothes. What’s more likely is that Vanessa picked out a few designs she liked and the rest was left to the efforts of meagerly-paid Bangladeshi children to finish. I could write volumes on the criminality inherent within our insane trade policies, but for now let’s concentrate on Vanessa. I don’t know a damn thing about clothes, but what I do know is that Vanessa looks hot in a bikini. So from that incredibly myopic perspective, I suppose one could call Vanessa’s Bongos a success. I’d certainly like to bang on them for awhile.

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