How will you find your job in 2014?



These past few years have been busy for the recruitment market. Many Middle East economies are booming, and more and more jobs are being created every day. On alone, we have thousands of job vacancies on a daily basis. Next year will likely be just as intense.

The trends of the past couple of years can tell us much about what to expect tomorrow. Our career and technology experts tell us how you will be finding your jobs in 2014.

Prediction one: There can be no substitute to having a powerful online profile

Let’s start first with the obvious. Your internet presence is very, very, very important. It is an employer’s number one way of researching about you. In fact, according to the’s Modern Job Search in the MENA poll, 80 per cent of employers in the region say that the internet is their most important resource for finding candidates and eight in ten will pop a candidate’s name into a search engine to find out more about them. Maintaining a professional online profile is, therefore, essential.

Professionals are realising it too. At every career level, from fresh graduates to senior executive and C-Suite, they understand the importance of having an online profile to their career growth and advancement, whether they are actively looking for jobs or simply interested in tuning into the best opportunities out there.

According to another Personal Branding in the Middle East and North Africa poll, which was conducted in September 2013, 92 per cent of Mena professionals agree that good online personal branding can help them get more interviews and grow in their careers. Additionally, 61 per cent of professionals concur that their company does check the profiles of new recruits online before hiring them.

Prediction two: A static CV can no longer be enough

Hiring mistakes are expensive and employers require maximum information about prospective talent, including more insights vis-à-vis hard and soft skills. In general, employers use the internet to discover how well you communicate, get a sense of how professionally you present yourself and to see if you are a good fit for the company.

Traditionally, running an extensive background check was very expensive, but today, a lot of your information is already there online, so make sure you present yourself dynamically and in the best light possible.

Launched in 2013, Specialties allows professionals to network with like-minded people, engage in career discussions with specialists, showcase their skills, specialties and interests, and get recognised, ranked and rewarded for them. All of these make it easier for skilled professionals to attract the best employers and for employers to hone in on top calibre, highly relevant talent.

Prediction three: Recruitment ROI will continue to improve with internet technology

Internet recruitment will keep growing, growing and growing. Top employers are accustomed to online search and have largely invested in the online recruitment arsenal, either to complement traditional recruitment techniques or substitute them. More than one third of respondents (35 per cent) across the Mena region say that online job sites are the most effective recruitment method and 39 per cent of respondents on’s Recruitment Methods in the MENA poll, conducted in November 2010, when asked if their companies use a leading job site for recruitment, answered yes, indicating the greater penetration that online recruitment currently enjoys in the region and its wide popularity with employers.

Prediction four: Employers will start wanting to stand out too

In 2014, more and more employers will realise that to consistently source top talent, they need to maintain an ever more active, dynamic and branded presence on the web. Otherwise, how will they attract top candidates?

We will see many employers marketing themselves as employers of choice in the Mena region, pushing their corporate culture as a place you want to work for using galleries, employee interviews and more.

Prediction five: Jobseekers will be able to better use data to improve their job search

Knowledge is power and data will really help jobseekers in 2014 to shed light on what employees are looking for, whether or not their CVs are being viewed and even what they’re doing wrong. In fact, it’s already happening. The Jobseeker Workspace on lets professionals keep minute track of their job applications on a live basis, and access a slew of current and relevant career tools, guides and literature.
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